Surfing seems slower when I’m using your product?
Posted by Mike Clarke on 23 November 2012 03:13 PM


Firstly neither the Proxy or VPN servers will ever be as fast as your standard ISP connection, this is related to routing to and from our server and some speed loss is inevitable.



 Speed problems you may experience are most likely due to the number of "hops" from your PC > ISP > Our Server and then back to you again. In almost all cases these speed problems are usually only temporary and will be related to a routing issue between your ISP and the server IP address we have supplied for you.



 Whilst we do not limit bandwidth or throttle your connection on the server please appreciate that you will never be able to replicate the speed you gain through your direct ISP connection, as when using a Proxy or VPN you have to route to our server and then back to your ISP again. If you do a speed test at you will be able to test your download speed with and without the Proxy or VPN enabled to see how things compare.


Video and Media Streaming Speed: 


The BBC offer a useful streaming capability speed test tool at; again we advise trying this with and without your Proxy or VPN enabled so you can obtain a comparison.

For live video streaming we would suggest a sustained download speed of 500kbps (0.5mb) minimum, unfortunately this means users in locations that require a long distance trace route (e.g. Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, China, India, Middle East) may on occasion be routed through too many server hops to sustain such a speed. This is entirely out with our direct control and even a speed under 500kbps (0.5mb) should still suffice for video/media download and general internet surfing.

Optional Extra IP's:

Your account credentials will also work with some of our other server IP addresses if you wish to try these as alternatives, please contact our technical support team at


VPN Users Only:

VPN users should ensure that you have tried both our Open VPN and the Regular VPN PPTP and L2TP connection methods.  Installation guides for both can be found in this help desk knowledge base

General Surfing Speed (Proxy Users Only): 

If you are finding use of the proxy affects your speed on all websites for day to day surfing, then we recommend you consider a proxy switching tool. Basically you can switch between your standard internet connection for faster browsing automatically. These tools are available free for both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers; if you need a free copy of Firefox please download from

Alternatively some customers simplify the process further by using Internet Explorer for the proxy server and Firefox for normal browsing without the proxy.


Finally, if you have tried the above IPs and you still experiance speed issues you may wish to switch your account between VPN and Proxy as both use a slightly different form of routing technology and may offer your faster speed.  If you wish to switch simply login to our website at, once logged in click "My Subscriptions" then "Switch to VPN/Proxy"

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