Google Chrome (Windows)
Posted by Greg M on 28 June 2017 11:05 AM


Google Chrome uses the same connection and proxy settings as your operating system (Windows) Changing these settings affects Google Chrome as well as Internet Explorer, Safari and other programs that connect to the internet (Outlook, Skype, MSN Etc).

To set up or change network connections, follow these steps:

  1. Click on customize and control Google Chrome.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click show advanced settings.

     4. Select change Proxy settings.

     5. Select connections Tab.
     6. Select Lan Settings.
     7. Place a checkmark in the two tick boxes under Proxy Server.
     8. Enter your Proxy server address and port number that we provided you with, the server address will either be in the form of a named server address for example or a standard numerical IP address, this information can be found in your welcome email or via your account online in my subscriptions under view log in info.
     9. Click on OK and then OK again until the windows have closed.
     10. Close and re-open Google Chrome.
     11. You will now be prompted for your username and password.

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