Configure a VPN with an Android Device
Posted by Data Team on 28 June 2017 11:08 AM


Step 1: Go to settings and then click "Connections" at the top.

Android VPN Setup
Step 2: Select "More Connection Settings" which is near the bottom of the screen.
 Android VPN Setup
Step 3: Select "VPN"
 Android VPN Setup
Step 4: Now enter your configuration settings,

      - The Name should be "Liberty Shield VPN"
      -  The Type - PPTP
      -  Scroll down on your screen and enter the server address -
      -  Enter your VPN username and password

(Canada and French VPN servers have IP address found in your account area if you are using a French or Canadian VPN please do not use as your server address)  
Android VPN
Step 5: Click Save

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