LAN Ports Not Working (Disable DHCP) - Manual DNS Settings
Posted by Eddie Gibbs on 27 October 2017 12:34 PM

Sometimes a device connected to the ethernet (LAN) ports on your device will not get an IP address automatically from the VPN Router. 

This issue is most common with streaming media devices, including Zgemma and Samsung SmartTV; when they are connected to your VPN Router using an ethernet cable using the LAN ports.

Essentially it will seem as if LAN ports are not working on your VPN Router and to resolve this you may need to configure the network settings on your device manually rather than letting it use DHCP (automatic)


In the past we have recommended settings per below for customers in order to set the network manually on devices:


*Address =

#Subnet =

#Prefix = 24

Gateway =

DNS1 =

#DNS2 =


*Please note that if you have more than 1 device they need to change the “address” option on each device as this needs to be unique.  So device 2 for example would be

#These settings may not be applicable to all devices.


How to access network menu on Zgemma (some models may vary):


How to access network menu on Samsung SmartTV (some models may vary):



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