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Website Outage (Critical)
Posted by Eddie Gibbs on 06 April 2017 07:14 PM


Whilst completely unrelated to to the network outages associated with our VPN/Proxy network we are also experiencing issues with our website server.

This server is managed by Microsoft Azure who are experiencing major outages throughout Europe on Thursday 6th April and we have no direct control over a resolution.

During this period you will not be able to login to your customer account or make purchases from our e-commerce store.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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06/04/2017 - Network Outage (Resolved)
Posted by Eddie Gibbs on 05 April 2017 08:20 PM



At 1520 (UK Time) on Thursday 6th April 2017 the Liberty Shield VPN/Proxy network suffered an outage that will have impacted customers ability to connect to the website and to their Proxy/VPN product.


Our engineers worked quickly to resolve this issue and the service was restored by 1450 (UK Time)


We appreciate this is the second outage within the past 24 hours and are continuing our investigation in to why the network is suffering such outages.


We will update this page as soon as more information comes to light.


Once again we apologise for any inconvenience caused.


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Website Changes Complete
Posted by Eddie Gibbs on 22 December 2016 05:38 PM
So today we have finally switched OFF our website, a loyal friend since 2008 :(
Please instead visit and customers should be able to login as normal to both our website (your account area) and you VPN, Proxy & VPN Router services as normal.
If you need any assistance please get in touch via the helpdesk at
Happy Holidays
LibertyShield Team

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** RESOLVED ** VPN & Proxy Routing Issues (Germany)
Posted by Eddie Gibbs on 16 December 2016 07:27 PM

** RESOLVED - Routing issues associated with telecom providers is in the Frankfurt area have been repaired and as such our own network should be back to full capacity. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. **


As of 1730 GMT on 16 December 2016 there are routing issues associated with telecom services in the Frankfurt area.

Users of our various international services (UK VPN, USA VPN etc) may notice speed problems if your VPN service is routed via our German data centre.


If you wish to re route your connection to bypass these issues please update your server address too (not applicable to VPN Router customers):






Proxy Server:


We are in the process of rerouting all network connections away from Frankfurt to bypass the problem and thank you for your patience at this time.


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PayPal No Longer Accepted
Posted by Greg M on 10 August 2016 04:55 PM

On August 10th, 2016, like many other VPN and Proxy service providers Liberty Shield has without warning had its Paypal agreement suspended. 

PayPal indicated that Liberty Shield is not allowed to provide services that enable open and unrestricted Internet access.

If you believe in an open internet and value the services we are providing, I hope you would continue your subscription by updating your payment method from Paypal to credit/debit card.  We have begun the process of contacting all customers who subscribe to our services via PayPal, advising them of the steps to take to switch to our credit card processing option.

If you are a subscriber via PayPal and have any questions regarding your account or switching your subscription, please contact us on 0131 516 8990  or email .

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Canadian VPN/Proxy Server IP address is currently down
Posted by Natasha R on 14 March 2015 05:50 PM

All Canadian VPN & Proxy customers using IP address please note this server is currently down and our engineers are working with the data centre to resolve this issue and hope to have it back up ASAP.

In the meantime please change your IP address to Please log into your account at and select 'View log in Info' to access your IP addresses.

If you require any further assistance then please raise a ticket for our technical team at our support desk

We apologise for any inconvenience.







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