NowTV with VPN Router
Posted by Darren L on 26 October 2017 05:19 PM

How to Setup Your NowTV Box


Setup instructions:


Unbox your NowTV box and connect the supplied HDMI cable to a spare HDMI slot on your TV, then connect the power cable and power up the box, then go to network settings on Now TV box and select the VPN router WIFI connection enter router password and connect.



If you don’t have a NowTV account you will need to create one before you can use the device.  Please visit to register your free account.


Even if you only intend to access free content you will need to assign a UK registered credit/debit card to your Now TV box when you first switch on. Whilst the card will not be charged, Now TV insists on this for security validation.  Some customers have informed us that they simply used a friend/family card details whilst others have signed up to virtual prepaid credit card providers such as which are non geographic and supplied instantly to you via email.


Once your card has been assigned if you do not want to subscribe to any of the Sky TV packages then we recommend you do choose one of the free 30-day packages in order to register.


Before your trial expires login to to cancel your free trial to avoid being charged by NowTV.

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