Amazon Fire TV with VPN Router
Posted by Greg M on 06 December 2017 10:29 AM

Connecting Amazon Fire TV to your VPN Router using WiFi:

  • Select Settings > Network from the Fire TV menu. Your device automatically detects nearby networks (that broadcast their network name).
  • Select your VPN enabled network (e.g. UK-WIFI-1234). If you don’t see your VPN network press rescan and if required power cycle your VPN Router.
  • Enter the network password for your VPN Router (e.g. UKP123456)
  • You'll see a confirmation message on-screen when your Fire TV is connected to your VPN enabled network.

Note: If you're switching from a wired connection to a WiFi connection, first make sure to disconnect the Ethernet cable from your FireTV before trying to connect your device to WiFi.


Connecting Amazon Fire TV to your VPN Router with wired connection:

  • Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the back of your Fire TV, and then connect the other end to an available Ethernet port on your VPN Router.
  • Select Settings > Network from the Fire TV menu.
  • Select the Wired option. You'll see a confirmation message on-screen when the connection is complete.

Please Note: Amazon Fire TV (3rd Generation) needs an Amazon Ethernet Adaptor for Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote and Amazon Fire TV (2017 models only, sold separately) to connect to an Ethernet cable. You can choose to purchase this adapter from Amazon if you’d prefer not to connect through WiFi from your VPN Router.


Amazon Prime Video - Regional Information

Unlike their main competitor Netflix, you will need to have an Amazon Prime Video subscription for the country you wish to watch content from, regardless of the country your VPN Router is set for.  For example, with Netflix you can subscribe to any region and then based on the IP address country set on your VPN Router, access the Netflix content for that region.  With Amazon you will need to link your Fire TV to an Amazon Prime account; the Prime subscription on that account will need to be for the country you wish to view Amazon Prime Video content for.  Your VPN Router will also need to be set for that same country.

For example if you are in Spain or France and want to access your Amazon Prime Video's UK content - you will need a UK (not Spanish Amazon Prime Subscription and also a UK VPN setting on your VPN Router.

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